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Cone Beam Computed Tomography (3-D Xray)

How it can improve your treatment outcome.

Traditional radiographic method are not ideal for implant placement because you are visualizing a three dimensional (3D) object in two dimensions and missing important information along the way

Greater accuracy of 3-D Xray in measurements at lower radiation doses has made it a preferred option in implant dentistry.   We take only the limited field required to place the implant and that minimizes the exposure of radiation to an individual. The 3-D machine we have in our office has field of view of 8 x 8.   

CBCT provides reliable information that has led to improvements in case selection and aids in both qualitative and quantitative measurement of bone, which has led to a reduction in implant failure. Virtual implant planning using CBCT data empowers the clinicians to predict and visualize the end result before initiating treatment. The assessment of success of bone grafts and other post-treatment evaluations are also possible.

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